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Dr. Carlos polit is the current head, dept of Neurology and Lithotripsy, Mount Senai medical center, and can unquestionably be enrolled in the class of truly outstanding and most famous Neurologists in Miami and the USA. While getting along with his duties as the chief medical officer in the center, he has taken the center to greater heights and horizons with his astounding efforts and dedication.  

Carlos Polit

Carlos Polit Hospital Services!


Our clinic specializes in treating various types of kidney stones which are caused by clumps of waste products that have not been removed from the kidney. We all know that our kidneys eradicate left-over and liquefied substances from your blood to make urine. It may so happen, when you have too much of particular wastes and not enough liquid in your blood, these waste materials can build up and cling together in your kidneys without getting flushed out.


We at carlos polit miami herald clinic performs Lithotripsy. We treat kidney stones by imparting focused ultrasonic waves or shock waves straight to the stone, first located with fluoroscopy or through ultrasound or high-frequency sound waves. The shock waves breakdown a huge stone into lesser stones that will traverse through the urinary system. At the clinic, we use ureteroscope passed into the tubes of the urinary tract.


This branch studies how the bladder, sphincters, and urethra functions and how they preserve and flush out urine. We at the clinic offer a wide array of services for and diagnostic testing for the out-patient and in-patient population with urinary incontinence complications.

Personal life and educational background of Carlos Polit

Dr. Carlos polit was born and brought up in a middle-class family in the Miami city and right towards the initial days of his childhood, he got to go through a list of f difficulties and financial issues. While his dad used to run a chemist shop in the city, he usually gets to sneak through in a list of medicines and drugs within the shop.

All things considered, this was where he got all the fundamental information about medicines and right at that stage, he thought of becoming a doctor in his life. Subsequent to wrapping up with his schooling from St Augustus school in Miami, he proceeded to seek after his MBBS, M.S. (General Surgery), and MCh (Neurology) from the Auckland medical institute, New Zealand. Afterward, he began practicing separately while helping all the underprivileged individuals around his region with all the required medical support and assistance.

Inevitably, he came up to establish his own medical center that likewise helps lower-middle-class individuals with free therapy and clinical help.  
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Carlos Polit, Professional career and experience

Despite the fact that Dr. Carlos polit didn't have the aspiration to make it that huge in the medical fraternity, his dedication and determination in the same respect towards his dreams took his profession to greater statures. Presently, he is intending to open a couple of new centers that can give all the necessary medical help to poor and oppressed individuals from suburban areas.